Fast Free Delivery Anywhere in the United Kingdom On All Orders Over £10

We deliver Luxury items, straight from our favored UK warehouses direct to your home, allowing us to cut out the middleman, which has brought down the price substantially on all our products. Also, to include Fast, Free Delivery.


Shipping costs today are higher than ever before with fuel prices what they are. However, with the current situation we are all facing and the current restrictions in place, there is a lot of uncertainty around the concept of opening a new showroom.

We decided to open our showroom online which has created an opportunity to simply cut out the middleman which saves money on commercial cost, the upkeep of our stores and human resources.

Which in turn, enabled us to evolve our pricing strategy around customers’ expectations, instead of capitalising on them. We can now provide our customers with Free, Fast Delivery on the Finest Quality items at Affordable Prices.


It is a critical component of the sale for us, to provide you with the Finest Quality Items and the Best Customer Service.